Identifying and Solving Employee Performance Problems

for more details please contact us at " " or mobile 00905345799999 Under performance, disengagement, a lack of accountability or even problem behaviors are just some of the challenges that you have to face when you are working to get things done through others. These types of employee performance problems can take up your time and drain your energy. Ignoring them isn’t a solution.
Most of the time they are unlikely to go away on their own—although we may wish they would. And performance challenges aren’t just the manager’s problem. Left unresolved they can become a virus that affects the motivation and output of the entire work team.
Employees clearly understand their job responsibilities and perform to the expectations of their managers, colleagues and employers. However, at times, performance problems do crop up. If you let these problems continue, they lead to the domino effect, making the situation increasingly complex for you to deal with in future. Let’s look at a few reasons for performance problems: Performance problems do occur for many reasons. Some problems are related to employees’ attitudes or motivational levels, some to their workplace environment, some to lack of resources and others to their knowledge levels.
Attitudinal or motivational issues refer to a situation where employees are knowledgeable but consistently show tardiness at work. The work they produce is not at par with established standards. Besides, they frequently abstain from work or try to abstain from work responsibilities by giving lame excuses.
Problems relating to the workplace environment are subtle but have a profound impact on employee performance. Sexual harassment, workplace bullying, coercion and favoritism by the boss are some leading factors affecting employee performance. Lack of training on using resources also adversely impacts employee performance. In this situation, employees are knowledgeable and have the right attitude but they cannot perform well because they do not have the right information or training on using resources such as new technologies, equipment, etc .When employees do not have the requisite knowledge about their job responsibilities, they cannot perform well.

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