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for more details please contact us at " " or mobile 00905345799999 This 5-day course, Applied Seismic Anisotropy for Fractured Reservoir Characterization, is part of training series for Oil & Gas professionals specializing in Geophysics. The program course covers the most recent technical developments on the market, discusses current trends and analyzes the changing dynamics of the industry. It aims to help participants expand their knowledge of the topic and get relevant knowledge to support them directly in their professional role.
The course is designed to enable you to perform professional geophysical work to evaluate fractured reservoirs and/or reservoirs that require hydro-frac'ing to produce. The emphasis of the lectures is based upon the participants' work assignments. The course covers acquisition-design, through acquisition, through processing , and interpretation. The skills that you will learn will also involve integrating the support data - well logs, production testing,  core work, with your reflection seismic data. The course is supplemented with case histories and laboratory data measurements that graphically illustrate the principles in the course material. These are updated as appropriate to keep up with the rapidly developing technology in this field. Each section of the course is supported with a classroom exercise. The skills you will learn include the comprehension of the two types of seismic anisotropy that affect seismic data. You will learn how to identify and to employ anisotropy in order to accomplish your reservoir-related goals. Seismic anisotropy is everywhere in the layered sedimentary rocks, but in the past, geophysicists have often ignored it, sometimes because they didn't collect the data that reveal its presence, and other times because they didn't understand the benefits that properly recorded and processed anisotropic data provide. The class is usually comprised of lectures in the morning, with case field-data set analysis in the afternoons. If the course is taught as an on-site course with your own properly acquired and properly processed data, then software applications useful for fractured reservoir analysis will be used during the class. Hands-on exercises are included in the class, so that each participant learns by doing the analysis.

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27 - 31 Mar
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Per participant 3750 USD
(including coffee breaks and a buffet lunch daily)

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